Why Ghoomar is running circles around our hearts


Yesterday was a pretty huge day in the Bollywood Lover’s life- the release of Ghoomar, the long awaited first song release from upcoming Ranveer- Deepika- Shahid starrer Padmavati.

I know people who have literally spent hours scrounging Youtube for any glimpse of a leak, any sniff of a tease, any hint of what is to come. The song itself seemingly reached ‘cult’ status even before its release!

I must admit, while Ghoomar is stunningly beautiful, I can’t say that I am majorly impressed with the song. Believe me, it is definitely no ‘Nagara Sang Dhol’. So why the hype? And why do I still love it?



The History of Ghoomar

Ghoomar is probably the most famous of the Rajasthani Folk Dances. Traditionally performed by women of the Bhil tribe, Ghoomar was adopted by the ruling Rajputs at that time.

The beauty of Ghoomar is in its simplicity. Women dressed in swirling, colourful skirts, their faces often veiled, special hand gestures that follow the pace of the music and of course, spins. The dance form displays grace and allure, two elements so entrenched in femininity that you can see why Ghoomar is a beloved performance.


Deepika’s Performance

Sanjay Leela Bansali has been quite vocal about the hard work put into Padmavati’s Ghoomar. Deepika trained three hours a day, for 15 days, under the guidance of Jyoti D Tommaar (Ghoomar expert) and choreographer Kruti Mahesh. The song was shot over four days, with 60 chorus dancers, 66 twirls, a 30kg lengha and enough gold to upkeep a family of four generations (apparently).


And this is why we love it

The choreography itself is beautiful. Not beautiful in the sense that it blows your mind, or is out of this world amazing…. but beautiful in its simplicity and authenticity. Kruti has stayed true to the real nature of Ghoomar, and has not allowed it to become diluted, or ‘Bollywoodified’.

Subtlety, femininity, grace… Deepika looks effortless in her turns, her flowing hand gestures, the well-timed sway of the hips.

I remember learning about Ghoomar before my dance exams at Nateshwar Dance Academy, and it really is something special to see it enacted in such a fantastic way on the big screen.

Its no wonder the video has amassed over 10 million views in less than 24 hours!

After Pinga and now Ghoomar, I really look forward to what Kruti has in store for Bollywood and Dance fans!



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